The Journals of the New World, 2016-2019

The Journals of the New World , 2016-2019

installation composed of 5-channel video and drawings

Shall we search for a new world at a distant corner of the universe? Is it possible to discover a new world within ours? Which galaxies does a tiny drop of water contain, standing before our eyes but which we cannot see? The Journals of the New World by İrem Tok is a pseudo-documentary about an imaginary micro planet discovered in 1974, combining the underwater settings the artist has been filming and editing since 2016 with her more recent microscopic images. The work consist of a five-channel video presented at the laboratory environment in the exhibition and re-drawings of a selection of illustrations from the 70’s encyclopedia, Meydan Larousse. It emphasizes that the answers we are looking for in distant places maybe hidden in the unknown which is closest to us, and that we easily ignore the reality outside our scale of perception even though we share the same ecosystem with it.