Against the wind, 2013

Against the Wind

7 MARCH 2013 – 27 APRİL 2013

PİLOT will be hosting the second solo exhibition of Irem Tok, “Against the Wind“, between 7 March and 27 April.

The artist, who depicted the vulnerable and fragile individual among the crowds in its first solo exhibition “Fade Away” at Outlet Gallery in 2011, puts an emphasis now on the time travels the individual experiences through its memory, its internal feud and the ephemerea of its existence on realm.

How possible is it to hear your inner self within the chaos of the city? We are suppressing our real ambitions as well as strongest feelings in life and burying the real treasure we’re actually seeking for deep down in the ground of our souls. We are desperately brought on chaos. Cacophony of the metropolitan life turns into a mechanism that makes us forget about ourselves and mutes our inner voices. The burden of responsibilities coming along creates daily life practices which put a distance between our own passions and the reality.

İrem Tok spent the last three months in an artist residency in Munich, away from the city life. “Against the Wind” brings together a group of works created by the artist while taking inspiration from her time away in nature and the silence she experienced.