World of the invisible, 2021


Methylen blue on handmade paper

I’ve been collecting water samples for a while from the environment where I live as I was wandering the streets. Among them are artificial and natural ponds in the parks, small lakes, the sea, and even puddles on the roads. When I examine these waters, the diversity of the inhabitants of this invisible microscopic world shows me how limited our perception of the world we live in. When examining with a microscope, some microorganisms are not easily visible due to their tiny dimensions and transparency. Special kind of dyes are used to make them visible. One of them is a synthetic dye, called methylene blue. By staining negatively charged cell components such as nucleic acids, it creates contrast in the cell image and makes it easier to distinguish transparent cell components. This water-soluble substance making the tiny creatures in the water visible, has turned into a painting material for me to show the invisible world.